Colorado-based trio Sunsquabi have shared a new remix of a Lettuce tune, “The Love You Left Behind,” which was included in the latter band’s 2016 album, 2016’s Mt. Crushmore.

Sunsquabi inject their own electronic-leaning sound into the Lettuce track, which is itself a cover of a classic Syl Johnson tune. The new remix features a heavy beat, relentless guitars and the affected vocals of frequent Lettuce collaborator Alecia Chakour.

“Lettuce has always been one of our favorite bands to listen to,” Sunsquabi note in a press release. “The opportunity to work with their stems and remix this song has been so fun and so interesting to see a little bit of their production process. The first half of the remix adds a classical style melody over the main chorus and changes the song to a darker feel. Thus, setting up the second half as a journey through a psychedelic desert of the ghosts of love you left behind. This remix has been in the works since July 2018 and it’s a huge relief to finally be releasing this to all of you. These guys are musical heroes to us and we are honored to take a piece of their art for a spin. Thanks for listening!”

Below, listen to both Lettuce and Sunsquabi’s takes on “The Love You Left Behind,” along with the Syl Johnson version from 1972.