In a new interview with Rolling Stone‘s Music Now podcast, Stephen Malkmus said that his beloved former band, Pavement, could be reuniting sooner than fans may have thought.

Pavement parted ways in 1999 and reunited for a tour in 2010, and though frontman Malkmus has generally cast off the idea of another reunion in recent years, the guitarist and singer told Music Now‘s Brian Hiatt that the chances of Pavement playing together again are “realistic.”

“Anything’s possible… If there’s interest, you know, that’s always a factor. If people are really psyched about it, I’d be psyched about it too. So we’ll see.”

Malkmus also shares some thoughts on Weezer, Neil Young, drummers and why he’d rather be Iggy Pop than Three Dog Night (“Even if Three Dog Night made more money and more people have heard them and maybe even they made some good songs, it’s generally assumed, even by people that don’t even know who Iggy Pop, that that’s a better person to be in our society.”)

Listen to the podcast here.