Blues rocker Anna Rose has shared a new single off her forthcoming LP, dubbed “Sucker Puncher.”

With grimy rock riffs and rollicking drums, the song definitely reflects the vibe of the Nashville studio in which it was recorded.

“It is a song for all of the underdogs out there,” Rose said via press release. “For me personally, the struggle to be heard in an industry where a songwriter’s work is so undervalued has almost crippled me at times, but writing this song with Justin Glasco felt like a triumph. Truthfully, this whole upcoming record is brutally honest in a lyrical sense & this song felt incredibly cathartic in its writing & production. It’s a testament to the fight I have inside me. I’ve never been quiet, I’ve always been rebellious, I have never cowered to the industry standard and I do not apologize for that.”

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Listen to “Sucker Puncher” via Spotify below: