On May 31, 2019, Freekbass will release All The Way This. All The Way That. a new LP that features his backing band – The Bump Assembly – including drummer Rico Lewis (George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic), keyboardist Sky White (Foxy Shazam), and vocalist Sammi Garett (Turkuaz).

“This album could have been recorded in 1972 and some of it in 2072,” Freekbass said via press release. “The Funk is timeless to me, and that is what I always want to try to create, both live and in the studio. The combination of a producer like Eddie Roberts with his pedigree and Itaal Shur with his vision, makes for a very eclectic and hopefully, groundbreaking take on groove-based music.”

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Watch a mini-doc about the LP’s recording sessions below:

FREEKBASS – Color Red Artist Spotlight from Color Red on Vimeo.