Named after Radiohead’s In Rainbows track “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi,” Weird Phishes is a Massachusetts-based project that will fuse the work of the groundbreaking experimental indie band with the music of Phish.

On March 22, the band will perform their second gig combining Radiohead’s 1997 opus OK Computer with plenty of Phish on the side. According to the band, the Somerville, Mass. performance will feature “Weird Phishes’ jam-heavy take on OK Computer, complemented by a second set of career-spanning Radiohead reworks, new mashups (Think RH’s ‘Give up the Ghost’ intertwined with Phish’s ‘Ghost’), and more surprises.”

Weird Phishes features Alex Glover (Guitar/Vocals), Josh Knowles (Electric Violin/Vocals), Derek Dupuis (Organ/Keys), Pat Pingeton (Bass) and Deven Massarone (Drums).

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