has revealed that the next installment in the Dave’s Picks Grateful Dead archival release series will take from the band’s January 2, 1970 show at New York’s famed Fillmore East.

In a newsletter note from Dead-net, archivist and curator David Lemieux notes that the show helped to kick off “one of the most exciting years in Grateful Dead history.” Lemieux also reveals that the release will come with the annual Dave’s Picks Bonus Disc, which will include cuts from the Dead’s January 3, 1970 concert at the Fillmore, for a total of five hours from the two nights over the main and bonus discs.

Dave’s Picks Volume 30 will be the second release in the 2019 subscription package, and the Bonus Disc will only be available through the subscription. Read the full announcement from Lemieux below:

“And with late breaking news, we’re thrilled to announce that Dave’s Picks Vol. 30 is the complete show from January 2, 1970, at the Fillmore East in New York City, the show that began one of the most exciting years in Grateful Dead history. This is a show that’s been a long time coming, and we’re incredibly excited that it’s finally being released. In addition to the January 2, 1970 show, the release will include our annual Dave’s Picks Bonus Disc for subscribers, and between this Bonus Disc and some room we had on our main release of January 2, 1970, we’re very pleased to tell you that we’ll be releasing nearly two hours from the next night, January 3, 1970, also at the Fillmore East. So, if FIVE HOURS of early 1970 Dead appeals to you, with all that it involved (“Dark Star”! “St. Stephen”! “The Eleven”! “Lovelight”! “That’s It For The Other One”! “Alligator”! “Dancing In the Street”! And on and on!), this release is for you. And remember, the Bonus Disc is only available to subscribers to the 2019 Dave’s Picks series.”

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