After announcing their official collaboration in June, The National’s Aason Dessner and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon have set a release for their debut, self-titled record Big Red Machine.

The LP – out on Aug. 31 – was created by the duo with help from their own PEOPLE collective and its corresponding streaming platform.

“I don’t think the record would exist without the community that came together to make it,” Dessner said in an official statement. “We took the music to a certain point, and then we reached out and sent it far and wide, inviting friends to contribute any and all ideas. We’ve viewed the record and the process from a community standpoint. We’re incredibly excited about it, as excited as we would be for any album we might make in another situation that’s more conventional. But this feels like something new—the process felt different and the outcome felt different.”

From Aug. 12-19 PEOPLE will also host a week-long residency in Berlin, with the final two days (Aug. 18 and 19) open to the public. According to a press release, the gathered artists “will share their findings across seven Stages of the Funkhaus. It’s about new material, collaborations, unique arrangements and dissolving borders. The Funkhaus, built in the 1950’s, is the historic site of the radio and recording HQ of the former East German Republic.”

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