Earlier this month, Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and The National’s Aaron and Bryce Dessner announced the launch of their new online platform and music collective PEOPLE, which continues to grow, evolved and lead toward a festival in Berlin this August, and Vernon and Aaron have also revealed that their collaborative project Big Red Machine has more tracks on the shelf than the EP collection that was shared with the PEOPLE announcement.

In new interviews with The Creative Independent (via Pitchfork), Vernon and the Dessners discussed PEOPLE and the future of its wide-ranging musician collaborations, along with revealing the upcoming Big Red Machine release, which Vernon says consists of 10 tracks that they will “be spraying out throughout the rest of the summer.”

Bryce speaks on the effect that PEOPLE’s collaborative aspects have had on their output, saying that Vernon and Aaron’s Big Red Machine is “really the first example of a new project or type of music that came out of this environment. It’s about them envisioning what they could do in the PEOPLE environment, where they’re creating collaboratively with many different musicians.”

Bryce also mentions how the PEOPLE approach to releasing music is more inclusive when it comes to credits, as opposed to the usual streaming methods employed today. “On places like Spotify it can be really hard to actually see everything that you’ve worked on, even if you release albums under your own name,” he says. “I have records where I’ve composed most, if not all, of the music and it doesn’t even come up under my name. It’s hard to credit all the musicians involved, particularly those working in a more experimental environment. This is an opportunity to hopefully do that.”

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