_Photo by Matthew Mendenhall_

Circles Around The Sun have returned with a new double album entitled Let It Wander.

Originally formed to create Interludes For The Dead for the historic Fare Thee Well shows in 2015, the band received such positive feedback from the compositions that they toured in support of the release and are now preparing for their second LP.

“More than anything, what you hear on this album is a band growing into its own sound,” lead guitarist Neal Casal said in an official statement.

Casal is joined by keyboardist and fellow Chris Robinson Brotherhood alum Adam MacDougall on Let It Wander as well as bassist Dan Horne and drummer Mark Levy. There will also be a guest appearance by rapper Chuck D of Public Enemy.

The full album will be available August 17 via Rhino Records.

Check out the album’s official tracklist and first single – “Immovable Object” – below.

Let It Wander Tracklist
1. On My Mind
2. One For Chuck
3. Immovable Object
4. Halicarnassus
5. Tacoma Narrows
6. Electric Chair (Don’t Sit There)
7. Ticket To Helix NGC 7293