Nicki Bluhm will release her new album To Rise You Gotta Fall next week on June 1, and today the singer-songwriter has shared a new single from the effort, “Battlefield Rose,” which she co-wrote with Ryan Adams.

Bluhm tells American Songwriter, who premiered the single’s video, that the song was written initially during a sleepless night. “I awoke the next morning with a pit in my stomach and the song still in my head. I spent all morning working on the melody when a mid-day call from a curious friend (Ryan Adams) came in. I showed him what I was working on and he liked it. Unstoppable and oozing with creativity and excitement, he lent some beautiful imagery and phrasing and so was born a collaborative piece. What became is a delicate dance of telling hard truths and painful admissions, ‘an animal dangerous by nature, and but half-tamed by art.’ The words resonated with me so deeply and writing it allowed me to come to grips with what my life had become and helped me make some sense of the swirling emotions that ensued. It was the most unusual and crooked flower I’d ever seen grow, and so became the song of ‘Battlechain Rose.’”

Watch the Scot Sax-directed video below and pre-order To Rise You Gotta Fall here.