Trey Anastasio continued his brief solo acoustic run on the East Coast with another intimate offering at the State Theatre in Ithaca, NY, and the Phish frontman delivered another batch of solo acoustic debuts, along with more stories behind the songs and his band.

The night opened up with “Prince Caspian,” and a few songs later, before the first ever solo acoustic rendition of newer tune “Rise/Come Together,” Anastasio recounted the story of “Sweet Pete,” who got the keys to the Plymouth Voyager Phish used to tour in their earliest days in the late ’80s, when drummer Jon Fishman handed the keys off at a show at the same State Theatre. Anastasio remembered that van and the time it represented in the band’s history:

“It was a really nice era. We had a really good time in those days. I remember, we kind of spoke our own language. We spent so much time together, the four of us, that we were kind of annoying to be around. We would talk in jokes that were seven layers deep. You’d say, ‘Halifax,’ and everyone would go, ‘Hahaha.’ Nobody really liked hanging around us, because we spent so much time in that car.”

Anastasio followed up that reminiscing with the reason the band wouldn’t let bassist Mike Gordon drive the van, saying that one time he caught Gordon driving slowly on the highway and realized he was writing in his journal on the steering wheel while driving.

Other solo acoustic debuts from the night included “Light,” “Ocelot” (which Anastasio called Phish’s “most medium song,” referring to a ranking of all the band’s songs by SPIN), “Sand” and “Fuego.” The night then rounded out with an encore of “Carini” and “Wilson.”

See the full setlist below as it appears in our Box Scores section, along with fan-shot video above and below. Anastasio continues his solo run tonight at the Sanders Theater in Cambridge, MA.

Trey Anastasio
State Theatre, Ithaca, NY

Solo acoustic

Prince Caspian, NICU, Theme From the Bottom, Rise/Come Together*, Ghost, The Wedge, AC/DC Bag, Light*, The Inlaw Josie Wales, Dog Faced Boy, Sleep, Ocelot*, Summer of ’89, Twist, Sand*, Fuego*

Enc: Carini, Wilson

Notes: *Solo acoustic debut