Brooklyn outfit A Big Yes and a small no, led by percussionist, DJ and former Fat Mama member Kevin Kendrick, have announced their third album and first in five years, Mise En Abyme, set for release on April 20 via Royal Potato Family.

The band also counts Kendrick’s Fat Mama compatriots Joe Russo, Erik Deutsch, Jonathan Goldberger and Jonti Siman as its members, and the new album takes much of its content from Kendrick’s own storied life, which includes being kidnapped in Columbia and battling and overcoming a longstanding heroin addiction.

“I made a lot of casual references to my addiction on my previous album, Jesus That Looks Terrible On You, with a little wink and a nod, like it was no big deal,” Kendrick says, mentioning new album track “I’m Gonna Die One Time” about a 2005 relapse. “This song was the first time I admitted it WAS a big deal. After working so hard to get clean, slipping up was devastating to me emotionally.”

Learn more about Mis En Abyme and pre-order the album here, and listen to lead track, “Stranger Things,” below.