Mike Gordon tested out his early Phish original “Destiny Unbound” during a free livestream earlier this afternoon. Gordon had been rehearsing with his five-piece solo band at his studio in Vermont in preparation for their winter tour and announced a last-minute stream of their practice session on Instagram. The bassist’s performance of “Destiny Unbound” marks the first time he’s publicly tried out the tune with his current solo outfit.

Phish played “Destiny Unbound” in 1990 and 1991, before dropping it for sounding too much like a Grateful Dead song. For many years, “Destiny Unbound” served as one of the most coveted Phish bust outs. Gordon played the number once in 2001 with Col. Bruce Hampton & The Codetalkers, and Phish finally revived “Destiny” during a classic February 28, 2003 show at Uniondale, NY’s Nassau Coliseum. “Destiny Unbound” has remained in rotation ever since.

Gordon and his group will kick off their string of winter dates at Florida’s Sunshine Music Festival on January 13. For more on Gordon, please read our recent interview with the bassist.