_Wes Orshoski_

My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James released a new album of cover tunes, Tribute To 2, today, and the singer-songwriter spoke with Billboard about the record, along with some thoughts on the future of MMJ, who announced they will take a break from US touring in 2018.

After discussing a bit of the impetus behind the new covers album, which follows up his Tribute To, a 2009 effort of George Harrison covers, James spoke briefly on the Jacket’s plan for 2018, saying, “We’re still trying to figure out our schedules. And also just trying to take some time off for regrouping and personal stuff.” Besides their planned One Big Holiday event in Mexico in March, the MMJ members have separate music plans for the year, including Bo Koster and Carl Broemel again joining Ray LaMontagne on a new project.

On a possible upcoming MMJ album, James tells Billboard that the band has “a couple things in the can,” including leftover material from their sessions for 2015’s The Waterfall and a live record waiting in the wings. Both projects, James says, could come out in 2018.

Read the interview here.