The Disco Biscuits will re-release their first official live albums, TranceFusionRadio Broadcast 01 & 02, this holiday season. The TranceFusionRadio Broadcast 01 & 02 15th anniversary box set edition was digitally re-mastered from the shows’ original recordings by veteran jam-scene producer and sound engineer Jon Altschiller.

TranceFusionRadio Broadcast 01 & 02 capture highlights from the Disco Biscuits’ famed December 29-31, 2002 run at Philadelphia’s Electric Factory. The box set will present the two albums in 140g virgin vinyl, CD and MP3 format; the anniversary set will also include a previously unreleased DVD of the second set of the Biscuits’ December 29, 2002 performance.

In a statement keyboardist Aron Manger says:

At the end of 2002, The Disco Biscuits embarked on a five night New Years Run. There were many memorable things from those first two nights including an appearance by Sam Waterston dressed as his character DA Jack McCoy from Law and Order who pleaded with the crowd to “Save the Robots?…Save yourself!”

But it was the last three shows of this run that stands out in memory, all on our home turf at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia. 12/31/02 of course contains “The History of the Disco Biscuits.” YouTube it if you haven’t seen it. It should be mandatory viewing once a year. Probably needs a Part II update for the more recent 15 years. I digress…

After “going back to the tapes” we realized there were some special moments from the shows and decided to release them as a series to help spread our gospel TranceFusionRadio. These recordings represented a young band, wide eyed, open minded and now armed with an arsenal songs, all the while taking a ride along the improvisational unknowns.

A record should be exactly that, a recording of what was going on in a specific moment of time. Well, this is the Disco Biscuits at the end of 2002. And it’s the heat. We went back to the source tapes, and reassembled our original team of engineers, and graphic designer, to give the first two collections of this series a modern day update

Each track was digitally re-mastered from the original recordings by Jon Altschiller, whose unique talent and partnership with the Biscuits over the years has helped capture our live show sound onto official releases. It was then re-mastered specifically for vinyl, because…it’s not just for hipsters anymore. And it really does sound significantly different.

The packaging and design on this box set was brilliantly done by Ben Langsfeld, whose design skills have only become masterful since designing our original TFR series. So we put all of these things together in a nice little package, just in time for the holidays. So crank up that old Victrola, and keep Relaxin’ with The Disco Biscuits.

The first 100 fans to purchase the TranceFusionRadio Broadcast 01 & 02 box set can select a free add on for passes to the group’s “TranceFusionRadio Backstage Lounge” during their New Year’s Run.