Papa Grows Funk drew enthusiastic crowds every week during their long standing residency at the Maple Leaf Bar in Uptown New Orleans. A new documentary about the band, Do​ ​U​ ​Want​ ​It?, will debut October 18 at the New Orleans Film Festival and give audiences an inside look into PGF’s 13 year, funk-filled career.

Do​ ​U​ ​Want​ ​It? chronicles the band’s inception as a one-off jam session and their evolution into a staple of the NOLA music scene, as well as their emotional farewell tour in 2013. “[This movie] gives you a rarely seen look behind the curtain at what it takes to keep a band functioning and surviving,” Radiators bassist Reggie Scanlan says of the film. “My only regret: it was too short.”

The documentary also features interviews with musicians like George Porter Jr. and die-hard fans who attended the band’s weekly shows without fail.

Do​ ​U​ ​Want​ ​It? was produced and directed by Josh Freund and Sam Radutzky and will premiere tomorrow, October 18, at the Prytania Theater. Watch a trailer for the documentary below.