The Zappa Family Trust will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Frank Zappa’s famed 1977 Halloween run at NYC’s Palladium, where the legendary frontman played six shows on October 28–31, with the release of the full run for the first time.

The Halloween 77 box set, planned for release on October 20, will feature all six shows (158 tracks) on a candy bar-shaped USB, along with a ’70s-style Zappa Halloween costume and a photo booklet including liner notes from Ahmet Zappa and Zappa Vaultmeister Joe Travers. There will also be a 3-CD set featuring all of the Halloween show and selections from the October 30 performance, along with digital copies of all six shows available for download.

The Zappa Trust is also rereleasing the 1976 album Zoot Allures on vinyl on October 20. As previously reported, the trust is planning a tour with a hologram of Zappa, along with a musical production of the 1976 rock opera Joe’s Garage starring the hologram.