Today, Queens of the Stone Age celebrate the release of their new album Villains and Josh Homme spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the various songs that shaped his life, including one memory of Ween.

Filed under “The Tour That Changed Me,” Homme reflects on opening for Ween while touring with Kyuss as an 18-year old. “Ween changed my life in that they confirmed that all you have to do is love the music you play,” Homme said.

“They’re avant-garde and sensual and bizarre and aggressive and gentle an funny and romantic and honest, all in one go. It’s a very strange bite,” he continued.

“At the time, I believed in doing something singularly, one thing so much that it was yours. And they believed in disregarding any rules that were available, everywhere. They’re peanut butter and I’m chocolate, and in a lot of ways, that’s how Reese’s were made.”

Homme and Ween have crossed paths a number of times over the years, Dean Ween contributed to Queens’ 2002 record Songs for the Deaf as well as Homme’s Desert Sessions project.

Listen to Villains here.