In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Bob Weir previews Dead & Company’s tour by teasing a new “wrinkle” the band plans on adding to their shows this summer, but doesn’t offer much more than that in way of details.

“I really won’t know what we’re looking at until a few days into it at least,” he says of this new wrinkle. “That’s what’s got me going right now. The premise that we’re working with is that when most people go to a show, they’re not really watching what’s going on onstage. They may be watching what’s on the screen. But when the songs are playing in their mind’s eye, they’re actually watching a movie. They’re watching the movie the song the character in the song is delivering. They’re watching a movie on the big screen in their head. We’re going to try to play to that.”

When pressed, Weir notes that they found the wrinkle in “Althea,” which John Mayer particularly loves. “[Mayer’s] fascination for the song exceeds mine,” Weir says. “But, standing right next to him when we’re playing it, I’m getting a bit more a shower of sparks when we play the song that takes it to another level”

Below, watch Dead & Co. play “Althea” on Halloween night in 2015.