Robbie Robertson recently appeared on the CBC Television program George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, where he spoke his emotional final meeting with friend and former bandmate Levon Helm. The co-founding member of The Band talked about going to see Helm in the hospital after attending the 2012 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony saying:

I did the induction ceremony, and then flew directly to New York and went to the hospital and I saw him, and I spent an hour holding his hand. Then a day, or a couple of days later, he passed on. I was relieved that I was able to get there, and just be there with him.

Robertson also spoke about he and Helms strained relationship, adding:

We were never not friends…What happened after I wasn’t with the Band anymore — I did leave, after The Last Waltz. I knew it was time. It was survival time, and I had to go. And years later, after that, Levon became very bitter — and he was right in saying I walked away. But he went to a whole other place in this that was never true. It just kind of ate him up, and it became part of his personality.