Photo by Andrew Blackstein

Last evening Umphrey’s McGee and STS9 resumed their co-headlining tour at the Time Warner Amphitheater in Charlotte, NC. Umphrey’s came on first, opening with “Domino Theory” and offering a set that saw “Raymond” sandwiched within “Great American,” and a verse of the Rolling Stones “Miss You” contained within “Sociable Jimmy.” STS9’s set began with “Hidden Hand” and included versions of “4 Year Puma.” “Moon Socket” and “When The Dust Settles.” In addition, during “Frequencies 2 > 3” the group was joined by Mike Dillon on Vibraphone. The groups travel to Richmond, VA today for a show at Maymount.

Here’s a look at last night’s setlist from our Box Scores section

Umphrey’s McGee
Time Warner Amphitheater Charlotte, NC

Co-bill with STS9

Domino Theory, Smell the Mitten, Rocker II, Great American > Raymond > Great American, Sociable Jimmy > Miss You > Sociable Jimmy, Kabump > Cocaine, Bad Poker, Nothing Too Fancy



Time Warner Amphitheater Charlotte, NC

Co-bill with Umphrey’s McGee

Hidden Hand, Hidden Fist, 4 Year Puma, Kamuy, Moon Socket, Instantly, Equinox, Frequencies 2 > 3*, Abcees, Looking Back On Earth, March, When The Dust Settles

Enc: The Rabble

Notes: *with Mike Dillon on Vibraphone