The Band guitarist Robbie Robertson has commented on the passing of Elizabeth Danko. The wife of The Band bassist Rick Danko passed away last week.

Robertson’s post on Facebook reads:

Elizabeth and Rick were true partners—in life. They balanced each other and she was dedicated to taking care of Rick the very best she could. In the last years I saw Rick up in Woodstock. I’d be there mixing a new record and he would say, ‘Can you play some of your new songs for Elizabeth?’ I loved playing my new music for Elizabeth…. she knew what I was reaching for. Miss my old friends Bless her soul. Thoughts and prayers from our family to hers. I hope she’ll be taking care of Rick once again…. Robbie

Elizabeth Danko plays a prominent role in the new documentary Ain’t in It for My Health: A Film About Levon Helm. In the film, she was shown living in a senior citizens home in the Woodstock, NY area.