Deer Tick’s Wednesday residency at New York’s Brooklyn Bowl continued last night. As promised, the once hard-partying group—who by several accounts have been sober at recent shows—performed their 2010 album The Black Dirt Sessions and its holiday-themed follow-up EP the Holy Shit, It’s Christmas! in their entirety. After running through both those recordings as the main part of their set, Deer Tick returned for two encore segments; the second segment closed with segue from “Sink or Swim” into “Sleep Walk” and “La Bamba.” Members of Deer Tick play in the side-project Diamond Rugs with Steve Berlin, whose group Los Lobos scored their mainstream breakout hit by covering the song. Their encores also included “Friday XIII,” “Unwed Fathers,” “Dirty Dishes,” “Cheap Sunglasses,” “Baltimore Blues No. 1,” “Nevada,”

In addition, pop singer/songwriter Vanessa Carlton and regular Deer Tick collaborator Liz Isenberg both sang with the band on a few songs. Carlton joined Deer Tick for “Choir of Angles,” “Piece By Piece,” “Sad Sun” and “Unwed Fathers” while Isenberg appeared on “When She Comes Home,” “Choir of Angles,” “Piece By Piece,” “Sad Sun” and “Friday XIII.” During last week’s Bowl show, the members of Deer Tick pulled a fan out of the audience to sing Isenberg’s parts on “Friday XIII.”

Carlton first met Deer Tick frontman John McCauley on Twitter, and the pair connected in person with My Morning Jacket drummer Patrick Hallahan. The drummer appears on Carlton’s 2011 album Rabbits on the Run.

Deer Tick’s Bowl residency will come to a close on Wednesday. The band will perform their 2011 album Divine Providence, the only one of their studio albums they have not performed live this year.