Photo by Jeffrey Dupuis

My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James revealed some new information about his forthcoming solo album in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. James mentioned that the album features some of his “childhood friends” and that he plans to recruit some other old pals and bandmates for an upcoming solo tour. James—whose only other proper solo release is an EP of George Harrison covers—has been working on the project for several years.

“One of my childhood friends, who was in the first band I was ever in, plays drums on most of the record,” he says in the article. “Now I’m trying to put the band together to go on tour with after it comes out. I’m getting back together with friends I haven’t played with in a long time, from home. It’s very exciting.”

He also confirms rumors that MMJ plan to play Boston on New Year’s Eve because Phish has already booked Madison Square Garden. “It’s a shame because we wanted to do more New Year’s shows at the Garden, but Phish booked it for the next four years,” James says. “We haven’t confirmed this yet, but we’re close to finalizing a New Year’s show in Boston. It’s just not one hundred percent yet. The crowd there is always really rowdy and fun. It would also be an easy travel for people in New York or Philly. Again, it’s not one hundred percent, but we’re all kind of drooling over the idea right now.”

Like other major arena acts, Phish often puts holds on marquee venues for big nights like New Year’s Eve months or years in advance and then changes their plans closer to their show date.