The Unbroken Chain Foundation’s annual “joyous holiday acoustic and electric musical celebration” Philharmonia will take place on Sunday, December 18. Philharmonia 2011 will bring together Phil Lesh, Bob Weir and Jackie Greene, as well as the bassist’s sons Grahame Lesh and Brian Lesh. Jonathan Levine, Jordan Levine and Leena Culhane will also participate (Jonathan Levine, Lesh’s agent, is also a skilled drummer). Doors are slated to open at 3:30PM and music will kick off at 4:30PM. Proceeds from the event will support the Bay Area Woman’s & Children’s Center. General Admission tickets are available via credit card for $160.00.

The first send in date is today. Tickets may not be transferred or sold. Venue info will be provided with ticket purchase confirmation. Fans are encouraged to bring an unwrapped book or board game for a child between the ages of 3-12.