JDub Records—the label of artists such as Balkan Beat Box, DeLeon, The Sway Machinery and Soulico—will close their doors after almost nine years. The reason for their close is due to financial problems according to a statement by Aaron Bisman, co-founder and CEO of the label, as more than half of the annual budget came from individual donors.

“We have shared some incredible memories – bringing 3,500 people together for The Unity Sessions at Celebrate Brooklyn; watching Balkan Beat Box play to sold out crowds of Gypsy bikers in Portland; jumping into a spontaneous hora at The Independent in San Francisco while a half naked Golem played frenetically onstage; putting many of you onstage at the Bowery Ballroom for an American Shmidol karaoke battle; being told “I’ve never felt Jewish until tonight.” Bisman says, “We are extremely grateful to all of our fans, funders and supporters, the creative and inspiring artists with whom we’ve had the pleasure to work, their devoted fans, and our innovative and energetic team. We close with heavy hearts, but incredible pride in our collective accomplishments and impact.”

JDub Records was founded in 2002 in order to discover and promote Jewish artists in modern society. The label was originally known for discovering Matisyahu. The last official JDub event will be this Sunday, June 17 on the roof of the 14th Street Y in New York City, where DeLeon will play songs from their new album Casata.