Just one day after Phish formally announced its Super Ball IX festival, Vivid Entertainment has stepped in with a lawsuit that just may halt the proceedings. Vivid, the world’s largest adult video producer is claiming trademark infringement in the use of the name Super Ball IX. A Vivid representative explained, “We own the Super Ball franchise. That’s what made Arnold Schwarzenpecker a household name. The series is critically acclaimed, it’s his West Wing. Once we added his challenged sidekick, Wee Willie Winkie, it’s been nothing but glory, from Super Ball I on through Super Ball XXX. To be honest, we gave Phish a pass back in 96 with The Clifford Ball. We had registered the mark and were knee-deep in negotiations with both Cheers actor John Ratzenberger and a big red dog but that all fell apart, so we just let it go. Not again. It may surprise you but I promise, we are not going down easy on this one.”