Marc Brownstein sees red at Camp Bisco – photo by Chris Paul

Camp Bisco 9 began on Thursday at the Indian Lookout Country Club in Mariaville, NY. When the Disco Biscuits took the stage, Marc Brownstein greeted the crowd by saying, “I had a feeling this was going to be the biggest and the best Camp Bisco yet.” Day one opened hours earlier with a set from Morning Teleportation. With the two main stages located next to each other, music was able to remain seamless throughout, while two other stages, the Dance Stage and the Local (Hill) Stage are located in close proximity as well. After Teleportation, came Dubskin, followed by Ver-Brook-Ston (Vermont, Brooklyn, NY, and Boston) based Rubblebucket, who got the crowd moving with a full horn ensemble and funk driven grooves.

The Disco Biscuits later stepped out after performances by Gift of Gab and Future Rock for a high energy opening performance. The host band’s sets at Camp Bisco were written by the group’s fans via a Facebook contest and according to Brownstein, these sets were pretty much right on, and very little adjustment was or will be made to them. Thursday night opened with “House Dog Party Favor” which gave way to a monster non-stop ride with “Crickets” > “The Great Abyss” > “Crystal Ball”, “The Tunnel” > “Reactor” >
“Crickets” > “On Time”.

A bit later in the evening, the Biscuits’ keyboard player Aron Magner sat in with Orchard Lounge during its set in the CID VIP tent. Elsewhere, Pretty Lights and LCD Soundsystem also performed. The LCD Soundsystem set was an effective mix of tracks from their recent album, This is Happening including “Drunk Girls” and “Pow Pow” along with classic tracks like “Tribulation.” LCD closed out with “New York I Love You, but You’re Bringing Me Down” which led into into the chorus of the Jay-Z, Alicia Keys’ collaboration “Empire State Of Mind.”

Day two of Camp Bisco is now underway.