Nick Hornby, author of such books as High Fidelity and Fever Pitch has collaborated with Ben Folds on a new album due out on September 28. Hornby contributed lyrics while Folds supplied the music and sings lead on Lonely Avenue. A press release explains, “The idea to create an album of Folds’ unique pop songwriting sensibilities with Hornby’s insightful prose was conceived during a dinner conversation between the two friends one night in 2009. After that, Hornby began regularly emailing lyrics to Folds, who then turned them into Lonely Avenue’s 11 musical short stories.” In addition, “The record, which Folds made specifically to be listened to on vinyl, was recorded on 2-inch tape and will be available on audiophile-grade vinyl, cut with the Direct Metal Master process at Abbey Road Studios and pressed at Pallas Manufacturing in Diepholz, Germany.” The first song released from the album is “Levi Johnston’s Blues,” a fortuitous track since Johnston has just announced his engagement to Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol. The song is streaming here.