After releasing his “most legit METAL record” Orion on vinyl last month, Ryan Adams has continued the trend by pressing two unreleased albums on vinyl this week.

Adams has posted on his official Facebook page that both Cardinals III/IV and the Blackhole EP have made it back from the mastering plant. Cardinals III/IV was recorded in 2006 and the Blackhole EP was recorded “over Christmas” in 2005. Ryan posted an image of Cardinals III/IV that unveils a red vinyl and SIDE A of the record which includes the songs, “Breakdown / Resolve,” “Dear Candy,” “Death and Rats,” and “Get Used To It.” Additionally, it appears that Adams is back to writing new music. Adams spent some time in New Orleans in May recording new demos and wrote an additional batch of songs the day after the Dio memorial in Los Angeles (though the songs are not inspired by Dio). Today, Adams commented on his Facebook page, “New music is coming along great. Four new riffs last night. It’s all feeling new again. Art for III/IV is also looking super cool… we’re still a bit aways but getting there…..” As of now there is no release date for Cardinals III/IV or the Blackhole EP.