Perpetual Groove hosted its annual Amberland festival in Georgia this past weekend. The group’s first set featured a complete version of Perpetual Groove’s pit of print first album, including the songs “Green Tea,” “Thinking Those Thoughts,” “Galaxy Soup,” “Crowded Tub,” “Breeze,” “Dionysus,” “Simple Pleasures” and “La Casa.” The oft-requested album was recorded while Perpetual Groove principals Brock Butler (guitar) and Adam Perry (bass) were still in college and features the band’s original drummer Joe Stickney and keyboardist Brett Hinton (Stickney currently plays in the psychedelic indie band Bear in Heaven).

Later in the weekend, Perry’s brother, hard rock aficionado, Damien Perry made his annual appearance with the group on “Crockett & Tubbs,” “Powerman” and “Crapshoot,” among others. The members of the Perpetual Groove also played a set of Motown covers with assorted friends as Lazy B & The Recliners and Butler played a Sunday morning solo Brockfest set. In addition, the band nodded to the death of actor Gary Coleman by teasing the Different Strokes theme and played with two themes: “ABC (Anything But Clothes) Party” on May 29 and a Jersey Shore theme on May 30 (the latter included covers of Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love A Bad Name” and Bruce Springsteen’s “10th Avenue Freeze-Out.”