Furthur closed its Memorial Day Furthur Festival by interpreting the classic Grateful Dead albums Blues For Allah, Aoxomoxoa and Terrapin Station. Like the other nights of the Angles Camp, CA-based festival, Phil & Friends members Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams augmented the members of Furthur and sat in with most of the bands on the festival’s acoustic stage. Of particular note, Williams sang lead on Donna Jean’s Terrapin Station song “Sunrise,” while Phil Lesh supplied lead vocals on an Aoxomoxoa song Furthur has never played, “Rosemary.” Lesh and Williams also shared lead on the Aoxomoxoa song “What’s Become of the Baby.” The group closed its performance with a cover of Buddy Holly’s “Not Fade Away.”

A few collaborations transpired on earlier in the day as well. Phil Lesh performed with both his son Grahame Lesh’s band Maiden Lane and his son Brian Lesh’s group Blue Light River. Campbell also sat in with Common Rotation & Dan Bern on “Osama in Obama land” and “How to Lose.”

After a night off, Furthur took the stage again last night at San Rafael, CA’s The Palm Ballroom. The live rehearsal show featured a number of Grateful Dead songs and covers associated with the Dead, including “Hell In A Bucket,” “Cold Rain & Snow,” “Mason’s Children,” “Just A Little Light,” “Ashes And Glass,” “Ramble On Rose,” “Here Comes Sunshine,” “He’s Gone,” “Corrina,” “Tennessee Jed,” “Touch Of Grey” and “And We Bid You Goodnight.”