Over on Relix.com, we are now streaming the brand new studio version of “Rebubula” from moe.‘s forthcoming Smash Hits Volume One, which is set for a June 1 release.

Songwriter Rob Derhak contributes these thoughts on the composition: “Designed as a love song for my wife, then girlfriend Rebecca, nicknamed Rebubula (pronounced Ree-Boob-You-Lah) by an old friend of hers. Not sure how flattering the story actually is, as I do characterize her as a siren.”

As for the project as a whole, Al Schnier told us earlier this year, “We spent some time in the studio over the fall, and recently, in this break over the winter, re-recording some of the moe. classic songs for a new ‘hits’ album that will be coming out in the springtime,” Schnier says. “Originally, we were just going to use the original recordings, but then when we started putting them all together, the stuff from Fatboy and Headseed sounded so different from the stuff from Wormwood and The Conch. In the end, the versions had evolved so much, too. Why not just do updated versions of this stuff? Let’s just bang them out in the studio, and get really good, tight studio versions of these songs. So, we’ve done that with a lot of songs. Now, people will have an updated studio version of a lot of the classics.”