Umphrey’s McGee is now off the road until the end of next month. Folks who are hankering to see or hear the group, however, can check out some new audio and video on The videos were created by UM lighting designer and longtime Relix/ contributor Jefferson Waful in conjunction with the UMBowl.

Take a look at:

Umphrey’s McGee: UmBowl Intro
This is Umphrey’s McGee – The Office
This is Umphrey’s McGee – Ryan Stasik
This is Umphrey’s McGee – Brendan Bayliss

In addition, Waful also figures into our latest audio installment, which is the third set of Umphrey’s McGee’s 91/16/01 performance on the Jam Nation radio show, co-hosted by Jeff and site editor Dean Budnick.