Jamie McLean Band will pull a Radiohead with its next album. The group has confirmed that Completely will be available as a Pay What You Want download from now until April 13 (when the CD hits stores). The album was produced by Stewart Lerman (Rufus Wainright, Soulive, Richie Havens) at Water Music Studios and features 11 Americana songs. In addition to the former Dirty Dozen Brass Band guitarist, the band features bassist Derek Layes, keyboardist Jon Solo and drummer Brian Griffin

Completely is the next step,” McLean said in a statement. “Everything gets turned up a couple of notches. We’re writing better, all of us. The songs have stronger hooks. The background vocals are solid; everybody is singing. And it captures where we are right now. People have always come up at shows and talked to me about my singing or guitar playing; they’re still doing that but they’re also saying, ‘You’ve got some great songs.’ More than ever, it’s about writing a great tune. This album really captures who we are and where we’re going – and that will always begin and end with playing live.”

The group will celebrate Completely ’s release with a headlining show at New York’s Canal Room on April 13. The band will appear with the Nitty Gritty Dirty Band at Peekskill, NY’s Paramount Center for the Arts on March 26.