Marco Benevento’s Monday residency at Brooklyn, NY’s Bar 4 continued last night. The free show featured Benevento on piano and keyboard toys and The Slip’s Marc Friedman on bass, along with a number of guests. Joe Russo, the other half of the Benevento-Russo Duo, played drums with Benevento and Friedman on a show-opening cover of Deerhoof’s “Twin Killers” (dedicated to the band’s former tour manger Bronko, the subject of “Bronko’s Blues). Drummer Ryan Thornton (RANA/Sam Champion/Sean Bones) joined Benevento and Friedman for the next portion of the show, including a unique run from Miles Davis’ “So What” into The Knife’s “Heartbeats.” Benevento also pulled a few audience members out of the 60-person crowd to play some covers with him at various points throughout the night, including a take on Neil Young’s “After the Gold Rush” that featured Fat Mama’s Kevin Kendrick on drums. In addition, the club’s bartender Kevin sang with the musicians on Radiohead’s “Karma Police” and “Paranoid Android” (the latter of which also featured Russo). Benevento’s final Bar 4 show will take place on Monday.

The Marco Benevento Trio recently completed the new album Between the Needles and Nightfall. The musicians will celebrate the album’s release with a headlining show at New York’s Bowery Ballroom on May 22.