The Disco Biscuits played a benefit show last night at Brooklyn, NY’s Brooklyn Bowl. A collaboration with HeadCount dubbed the Bisco Power Mission, the show raised money to help outfit a Philadelphia public school with solar power. The show also turned into a jam session after the band’s lead guitarist Jon Gutwillig injured his wrist this past Thursday.

Disco Biscuits bassist Marc Brownstein addressed the crowd at the start of the band’s first set, mentioning that Gutwillig was having surgery in New York the following day. He also cleared up some confusion from Friday’s truncated performance at Boston’s House of Blues, admitting that the show was cut short after the Boston Fire Marshall caught the group smoking marijuana backstage (though an article in the Boston Herald pointed to “clubgoers clogging exits and trash barrels and beer kegs impeding fire escapes” as reasons the show was shut down).

The group opened its set with guest guitarist Chris Michetti (RAQ), who joined the Biscuits trio for two songs from the Brownstein and keyboardist Aron Mager’s Conspirator project: “Commercial Amen” and “Liquid Handcuffs.” The Indobox guitarist Mike Carter, who was supposed to sit in with the band Friday before the show was cancelled, emerged next for “Caterpillar,” “Confrontation” and another Conspirator song, “Cyclone.” Brownstein responded to the chatty crowd by saying that his next guest was “better than Trey” as former Disco Biscuits drummer Sam Altman appeared. Brownstein listed Altman’s various talents, such as drummer, bassist, guitarist and doctor (Altman played bass during a few Disco Biscuits show while Brownstein was out of the band in 2000). Altman then rejoined the Biscuits on guitar for two rarely performed early Biscuits songs: “Trooper McCue” (last played 11/27/04) and “Barfly” (last played 10/15/07).

Michetti stepped out at the start of its second set for “M.E.M.P.H.I.S.,” “Digital Buddha” and “Boom Shanker.” Brothers Past guitarist Tom Hamilton, who plays with Brownstein and Magner in Electron, also joined the musicians for “Kamaole Sands” and “Little Lai.” After Michetti left the stage, Hamilton and the band closed the set with “Plan B,” “Quad D” and “Shelby Rose.” Vocalist McKenzie Eddy also sat in on “Quad D,” the only song off the new ­Planet Anthem the band played all night. A version of “Home Again” that featured Hamilton, Michetti and Carter brought the night to a close.