Follow The Train

My Morning Jacket’s Jim James and his former MMJ bandmate (and present cousin) Johnny Quaid have launched Removador Recordings and Solutions. The Removador site pledges, “Anyone who comes to invest in or own a share of the Removador name will not only find some of the coldest music they ain’t never heard, they will be provided with a richness of living, and sharply increasing aural dividends for years to come. Removador Recordings and Solutions- some of the coldest music you ain’t never heard!”

Removador has now confirmed the release of its initial recordings. First up will be Cortney Tidwell’s second full-length record, Boys (January 19). This will be followed by the February 16 release of Slight Spell, the debut recording from Quaid’s current band The Ravenna Colt. Then on March 16, Removador will issue Mercury by Follow The Train, “a nine-song psychedelic journey into musical space.” Both James and MMJ also are listed as Removador artists on the website.