Widespread Panic archivist Horace Moore has announced that the group will release a multi-track recording of its New Year’s Eve performance. This show, which took place at Atlanta’s Philips Arena featured an opening acoustic set, a guest horn section and musical tributes to Vic Chesnutt and Michael Jackson. The night also offered covers of Van Morrison’s “Moondance,” Patsy Cline’s “Walkin After Midnight” and numerous notable version of Panic originals.

On the group’s website, Moore shares his excitement over the performance which led to the decision:

I had a blast on New Year’s Eve ringing in 2010 with Widespread Panic at Phillips Arena in Atlanta. With a New Year’s show for the ages and a ton of friends and family to share it with, I don’t think I could’ve had a better time. Now I just can’t wait to listen to the recording.

During the course of the two day run, it seemed like every conversation I had ended up centering on when the next Multi Track Archive release will be coming out. Although appropriately evasive with my responses, this topic certainly put me in an archive frame of mind.

So, here I was, up early on 1/1/10…and on the heels of an incredible show with a legitimate archive question running through my mind. Combining these two thoughts together, “Instant Classic” Multi Track came to mind…and before I had a chance to reject that idea, I had already crossed my fingers and thrown it to Chris Rabold. And, wouldn’t you know it…instant resonation. Chris’ only concern was the overall production time a traditional Multi Track release would require would not be available due to scheduling constraints, etc. After going back and forth a bit about what level of quality he could achieve in a shorter period of time, we felt comfortable we could land in a much better spot than the familiar current 2 track option and therefore, release an enhanced recording. After assuring each other that roughly a week’s delay would be ok if the reason was honorable, we decided to make it happen.

So, Happy New Year all over again. The Widespread Panic 12/31/09 New Year’s Eve show will be available in Multi Track format next Monday, January 11, 2010.