Girl Talk celebrated New Year’s Eve in Chicago at the Congress Theater. There over the preceding 4 days, a 21 person crew created a 2 story house on the stage that had been in the works for the preceding months. The 5 rooms featured “a kitchen that included a refrigerator with a note and photo stuck on the door, dinner table with fruit bowl, blender and more, hutch filled with china and glassware, fireplace, couch, coffee table, rug, picture frames and more in the living room, a kid’s room with a bed, desk, computer and mouse, pencil jar, trophy, Snoop Dogg poster, and a bathroom with a toilet, sink, shower and curtain, plus fake trees in the yard, and the table he uses to perform presented as a large rock.” There Girl Talk moved about the house during a 110 minute set that included a midnight countdown. The construction of the house was captured on HD cameras for a short film to be released later this year.