Derek Trucks Band played its final show before an indefinite hiatus a week ago Sunday at Albany, NY’s The Egg. Without much pre-hiatus fanfare, the group ran through a three-hour, two-set show that featured several Derek Trucks Band songs that the group has not performed in years before its final pre-hiatus tour: “Young Funk,” “Home In Your Heart,” “Yield Not To Temptation” and “555 Lake” (the latter song fell out of rotation almost ten years ago). In addition, Trucks also performed the title tracks to three of his studio albums: “Already Free,” “Joyful Noise” and “Soul Serenade,” as well as covers of “Leavin’ Trunk,” “Volunteered Slavery” and “My Favorite Things.” No guests—not even Trucks’ wife Susan Tedeschi—sat in with the group throughout the night.

Though longtime drummer Yonrico Scott started to say a few words about the band’s past 16 years, Trucks silenced him and started the band’s final song, “Anyday.” Trucks and Tedeschi are expected to tour with a new band in 2010.