Seven years later: The members of Phish rehearse in the Barn on November 25, 2002. Photo by Danny Clinch,

Phish returned to Philadelphia’s Wachovia Center for the second show of its pre-Thanksgiving stand last night. While Tuesday’s performance focused on the band’s earlier compositions and more playful jams, last night’s setlist spotlighted some of the newer additions to Phish’s repertoire. The night opened with standalone versions of the Joy workout “Kill Devil Falls,” the Round Room organ rocker “46 Days” and Mike Gordon’s bouncy “Sugar Shack.” The band moved a bit deeper into space for “Halley’s Comet” and the compositional favorite “The Divided Sky,” before offering its first electric version of Trey Anastasio’s solo cut “Sleep Again” (the band first tested out the song during its Festival 8 soundcheck and gave “Sleep Again” a proper debut a few nights later during its acoustic afternoon set). The Grateful Dead inspired “Ocelot,” Gordon’s “Train Song,” a dark “Wilson” and a high-energy “Run Like An Antelope” brought Phish’s first set to a close

The band’s second set opened strong with an intense “Birds of a Feather” and the country-rocker “Farmhouse.” The set really took off during a stretched out “Tweezer” and an equally energetic “You Enjoy Myself.” Though Phish only played the Junta narrative “Esther” three times from 1998-2000 and shelved the composition altogether after its first hiatus, the song emerged for the fourth time since August—proof that Phish has placed renewed emphasis on its back catalogue. The show closed with “Time Turns Elastic,” “Tweezer Reprise” and the lone encore of cover of the Velvet Underground’s “Oh! Sweet Nuthin’.” Phish will perform in Albany, NY this Friday and Saturday.