Above: Lotus on Halloween

Colorado electric-influenced jambands Lotus and Big Gigantic will swap remixes. Lotus member Jesse Miller has remixed a track by Big Gigantic (an alias for Motet saxophonist/producer Dominic Lalli and drummer Jeremy Salken), “Thinking Out Loud,” off of the album Fire It Up, while Lalli returns the favor, remixing the Lotus track, “Simian,” off Oil on Glass. Both songs are available online.

“Dom’s compositions always feature strong melodies, so I wanted to keep that element mostly in tact for this remix while using a different tempo and beat than the original,” Miller said in a statement. “I spent a day bouncing tracks to an old 4-track tape machine to get some analog grit and manual EQing on the mix, hence the Cassette moniker in the title.”

In other news, Lotus celebrated Halloween this past Saturday at Baltimore, MD’s Sonar. The event was dubbed Protein Pills in the Labyrinth and featured the music of David Bowie. According to the group’s blog, the members of the band dressed the part too with Luke Miller playing Ziggy Stardust, Jesse Miller taking on the Thin White Duke, Mike Rempel dressed as Jareth (from the movie Labyrinth), Mike Greenfield wearing a Bowie’s “Dancing in the Streets” video outfit and Chuck Morris busting out Bowie’s New Wave pastel suit. After opening with “Wax,” Lotus began the Bowie portion of the evening with a cover of Phish’s “David Bowie.” Later in the evening, the band also worked in numerous Bowie originals like “Under Pressure,” “Suffragette City,” “Fame,” the NIN/Bowie collaboration “Afraid of Americans,” ”Space Oddity,” “Rebel Rebel” and “Let’s Dance.”

Lotus will perform at Boston’s Paradise Rock Club this evening, while Big Gigantic will appear Nashville, TN’s 12th & Porter. The two bands will kick off a run of shows together November 10 at Charlottesville VA’s Is Venue