Tuesday October 27 is the release date of the new live String Cheese Incident offering, Trick or Treat. This release focuses on cover songs the band delivered over the years on Halloween (the group’s shows from 1998-2004 are all represented). In anticipation, the entire two CD version of Trick or Treat (which also is available as a nine disc box set) will be streamed starting today at the SCI site and also at their MySpace page.

As Kyle Hollingsworth explained in our recent interview with him on the site, “I was involved with that a lot because it became difficult for everybody to get involved. So I just jumped in and did some of the mixing. My favorite track, I think we just put it up, is “Walking On The Moon.” Travis doesn’t sing very much and he has a great voice and he was just nailing it that night. But there’s definitely both tricks and treats on there and thus the name Trick or Treat. They’re live performances, so there may some scary little vocal things here and there. But one of the shining tracks is Travis singing “Walking On The Moon.”