The Burnside Exploration, is anchored by two generations of the Burnside family, with the late R.L.s son Gary on bass and grandson Cedric on drums. The pair, along with Eric Deaton on guitar, opened widespread Panics shows the past two nights at Memphis Mud Island Amphitheater. Last evening, Panic invited the band members on stage mid-way through the second set , with Cedric joining Todd Nance and Sunny Ortiz during Drumz and remaining for Junior and Red Hot Mama, while Gary and Deaton stepped up for the latter two songs. Also of note was the encore where Panic debuted a cover of the Reverend Gary Davis Baby Let Me Follow You Down a song that Bob Dylan covered on his debut recording.
Widespread Panic tour continues tomorrow at Bayfest in Mobile AL and will extend into November, with dates just added at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver on November 3 and 4.