Dave Grohl & Stevie Nicks: The Old Dreams and New Realities of Rock and Roll

As rock’s latest crown prince, Dave Grohl has become an ambassador between the old and the new. Cementing the claim is Grohl’s new documentary, Sound City, which looks at the highs, lows and eventual closing of the legendary Los Angeles recording studio through the lens of analog versus digital recording techniques. While the film features such legends as Paul McCartney, Neil Young and Tom Petty, it’s Stevie Nicks who proves to be one of the movie’s stars. To get the word out about the film and accompanying album Real To Reel, Grohl assembled an all-star troupe of musicians, dubbed the Sound City Players, to play one-off performances in select cities. Relix editor Josh Baron sat down with Grohl and Nicks in New York to discuss the past, present and future of rock and roll.

Shuggie Otis: Give Me Something Good

Among the rock and soul fans who even know his name, Shuggie Otis could serve as the poster boy for the Disappearing Musicians Club. From his emergence in the late 1960s as a teenage prodigy with unlimited potential until his sudden departure from the scene just a half-decade later, Shuggie rode high on every next-big-thing list, praised for his exemplary guitar skills and soulful way with a song. His recordings received critical acclaim and The Rolling Stones even toyed with adding him to their lineup. But it is only recently that the forgotten musical prodigy has returned to the spotlight. Contributing Editor Jeff Tamarkin explains why his time has arrived.

Camper Van Beethoven: A Cult Band Above the Rest

Camper Van Beethoven were born amid the punk and post-punk scene but found themselves playing among California’s hippie ruins. Though band co-founder David Lowery admits that “Camper is like the Cleaver family compared to most bands,” the group has gone through its share of highs and lows and now exists as a part-time band, often on the road with Lowery’s other group, Cracker. Richard Gehr caught up with the veteran band during their 30th anniversary tour and explains how a group of fake “wacky surfers” have managed to confuse the music industry for decades.

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