MGMT & The Flaming Lips

At Home with The Flaming Lips

Wayne Coyne and the Flaming Lips has survived over two decades in the music industry by consistently evolving their sound, while still skirting modern fads and trends. Offering a theatrical mix of punk energy and psychedelic sounds, the Flaming Lips blurred the lines between indie and jam long before the modern festival circuit helped crack those stylistic borders. Relix Editor-at-Large Jaan Uhelszki peaks into the Coyne household to find that the Flaming Lips’ frontman is not that different on and off the stage. She also looks at the colorful singer’s astrological chart to see what the stars have to say about one of rock’s most enduring entertainers.

MGMT: If You Record It, Will They Listen?

MGMT arrived seemingly out of nowhere in 2008 to deliver the smash debut Oracular Spectacular, which included the electro-pop hits “Time to Pretend,” “Kids” and “Electric Feel.” After spending a few years on the road—rubbing elbows with celebrities, scoring praise from a diverse mix of supporters—the group’s principals retreated inward to create Oracular Spectacular’s dark, psychedelic follow-up Congratulations. Relix Executive Editor Mike Greenhaus sits down with band co-founders Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden to figure out where Congratulations came from and why a pair of well-dressed hipsters would rather play for jam-heads than electro-pop stars.

Plus: The 10th Annual Relix Festival Guide, Mike Gordon, Galactic, Danny Barnes, Jonsi, Jack Johnson and much, much more.

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