In January, Tim Reynolds released a new solo acoustic album That Way. He will likely share some of this material over the year to come as he tours as a duo with Dave Matthews.

What will you remember most about 2016?

I took time to connect with the spirit of improv, which inspired fresh, new music for me. I listened to a lot of string quartets. Also, the concept of space piqued my interest. I found a fresh way into a new realm. In my own music, I learned how to take away, then build everything back up. These different ways to approach music made me love it even more – if that’s even possible! I’ve come to learn to trust that I don’t know anything; and it’s okay when I step back.

Which album or albums have you listened to most this past year?

David Bowie’s last album, Blackstar, Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool, and Iggy Pop’s Post-Pop Depression – Iggy’s first #1 hit on Billboard.

What was your favorite show of 2016?

Peter Gabriel and Sting at Madison Square Garden. The show was biblical; the sound so immaculate. I even took out my earplugs. Both bands were on stage playing back to back songs. Sting’s songs are great, but it was an epic Peter Gabriel event. I reconnected with the sound of his voice; it just blew up my soul. It made me feel the entire timeline of my life.

What emerging artists should we watch out for in 2017?

Andrew Bird. Check him out on YouTube. He uses looping to layer violin, guitar, then vocals. His songs go on and develop in a beautifully organic way. He’s amazing.

Any big plans in the works for 2017?

I’m heading back to Europe for another duo tour with Dave. I’d love to do a solo acoustic run there as well. It would be great to go back to Brazil with TR3. We love Brazil.

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