Let’s see…

Due to a situation somewhat beyond my control (the impending birth of my daughter (notice I said somewhat), this was the first time in many, many years that I did not end my year of music with live Phish. Instead, we took things somewhat easy, and drove down to Providence for an early set of the ever-sublime sounds of The Slip (followed by some quality Zamboni action). I enjoyed myself (and my wife tells me the baby had a groove on as well). Meanwhile, friends all over the county were ringing in the new year with Phish, Widespread, moe., the Disco Biscuits, Gov’t Mule, Ominous Seapods (I’m hearing fine things about Tood the Pod, I hope to see Max play my way soon) Soup/DBTR and the Dunhams, Deep Banana Blackout, Juggling Suns Miracle Orchestra (I am told the fire juggler was a captivating site indeed), the Big Wu (tough luck with the bust) and many, many more. This is really an exciting time to go out and hear some great sounds, and there is a vibrant scene out there to support it. Let’s keep it going over the next year- go check out a band you have heard (or heard about) but haven’t seen live yet (I already have two such dates circled on my Calendar for this month- thank you Gamelan Productions for bringing great stuff my way). Beyond that, stick with us this year, we have a number of exciting ideas and some new features. Oh yes, and don’t forget to read the ever-crappy Mikey- I pledge that the art will not improve in 99.

later days and peace,