Gov’t Mule
Riviera Theatre Chicago, IL

Set I: Stone Cold Rage, Drawn That Way, Rocking Horse > Beautifully Broken, Stratus, The Man I Want To Be, Revolution Come, Revolution Go, I’m A Ram > Unblow Your Horn > I’m A Ram

Set II: World Boss, Mr. High & Mighty, Come & Go Blues, Dreams, Kind Of Bird, Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground, Thorazine Shuffle

Enc: Traveling Tune (with Little Martha tease) > Mountain Jam > Traveling Tune


Mike Gordon
Boulder Theater Boulder, CO

Set I: Whirlwind, Victim, Cruel World, Mind Mischief, Steps, Say Something, Go Away

Set II: Victim 3D, Marissa, Pendulum, Peel > Trapezoidal Sunshine > Peel, Are You a Hypnotist??, Tiny Little World > Sweet Emotion

Enc: Let’s Go